About: The Story

For The Love is about mindfulness: remembering the beauty, inspiration, and knowledge in life’s every day moments.

I was inspired to start this blog because I love connecting with people through visual and written expression.

But where are people today? Social media has created a world where our egos have ballooned to ungodly proportions. A world where perception has replaced substance. A world where people care more about what they look like than who they are. This is the world I believed in. I was running away, hoping I would find myself in an instagram like or a retweet. But when you live for external validation, you lose yourself and any remnants of sanity you thought you had.

So I took a year off to begin a search. A search for me. I had to remember who I was and why I was. And on that journey I found more than I ever could’ve hoped for.I found gratitude. I found love. I found service. I found passion. I found me. Now the question was not about how I could serve myself or feed my ego. The question became how could I serve others and enrich their lives.

For The Love is for US. It’s a mission. An idea. That promotes reflection, positivity, self love, mental and spiritual health as the keys to a brighter tomorrow. For The Love means personal development, intellectual growth, an open mind, and an open heart.

Let’s make that vision a reality, together.