By Malik Mbaye

The Springtime of Youth

I love seeing people be great. It’s infectious. There’s something about mastering your craft. It’s both humbling and inspiring, never any jealousy or envy. It makes me question myself and my accomplishments. All the while pushing me to take my work to the next level.

Greatness is attractive, you want to keep talented people in your circle. Because you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. But the funny thing is… if you want to eat with the big dogs, you have to bring something to the table. There’s no way around it.

So now is the time to put the work in. We won’t be young forever. We have the energy, we have the ambition, and most of us don’t have real responsibilities, mortgages to pay or families to feed. We can take risks. We can make mistakes. We can fail. We can start over. We can put in the hours. We can pay the cost.

So what we waiting on? Time to hit the gym. I’m not tryna wake up tomorrow and see everybody made it while I was hitting snooze.

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Now Playing: Fly Away by Kanye West

Learning to love the feeling of falling. Because when falling you’re forced to spread your wings and fly.

Trust the universe. Trust yourself.

You don’t always know where you’re going. But as long as you spread your wings, the winds of life will carry you through.

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Why Are We Scared to Fall?

Why are we afraid of falling? Relationships nowadays seem like a lost art. Seems like everyone is trying to avoid their emotions. We run from love because we’re afraid to get hurt. But in reality, the pain of regret and the pain of limiting ourselves is far worse.

A few months ago, I went out with someone and and before I even got to know her, I felt this weird feeling in my stomach. This weird connection. And immediately I tried to silence it.

Then all these questions started popping up in my head. Like: All this from 1 date? Isnt this too early? What if she doesnt like me? What if we like each other than it doesnt work out? What if I hurt her? Besides. I don’t wanna give up any of my other options by committing too soon right.

What if I only like her because Im running from something inside of me?

But really though… who cares? Sometimes in life and in love, it doesn’t work out and you get hurt. Sometimes you’re wrong about people and your feelings lead you astray. And some times you gotta give up your options. You can’t have it all. Life is never perfect.

Besides… If it doesn’t work out, I learn more about what I want out of a relationship. I grow stronger. And maybe I gain a friend. Maybe my options will still be there. Waiting in my DMs lol.

Never forget…. when you love with all of your heart, you can never lose.

#ShootYourShot 🏀

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